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Cover Reveal: A Vampire’s Light #Paranormal #Vampire #Fantasy #Romance

Hi Everyone!

I’m super excited to share the cover for A VAMPIRE’S LIGHT with you all today!! A VAMPIRE’S LIGHT is book three in my Reluctant Mates Series, but each book can be read as a stand-alone!

Here’s the blurb:

Camilla Everwood is a down on her luck fairy, convinced she’ll never find love. Her short, petite, boyish frame keeps the men far away and she’s struggling to find enough clients to get her landscaping business off the ground. When she receives a summons from the Council, she believes her professional luck has changed—until she finds out she’s being forced to mate with a vampire.

Grayson Lockhart is a vampire determined to live out his life alone. He revealed his true-self once, a long time ago, and never wants to go through the pain of rejection again. Unfortunately, his large, empty home, combined with his lonely heart, interferes with his happiness. When he receives a summons from the Council, and finds out they’ve forced him to mate with a fairy, he knows better than to hope for anything more than someone to share his living space.

In order to sustain the numbers of all mythical beings, the Council, the governing body of the Mythical Realm, intervened and found prosperous matches for several of their subjects. Rather than create an act of treason punishable by death, Camilla and Grayson agree to accept their fate, despite their obvious differences and schedules. They quickly fall into an easy, comfortable routine, but old insecurities and a dangerous enemy threaten to keep them apart forever.

And here’s the cover:

A VAMPIRE’S LIGHT releases August 10!!

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Fantastic Forty: J. C. Conway #Romance #Suspense #Adventure #Archaeology

~J. C. Conway~

Author name: J. C. Conway

Fave food? Hm, where to begin… Almost everything is good, but I suppose some of the stand outs are: Pupusas, Shrimp Enchiladas, Marinated Grilled Beef Ribs, Posole, Green Chile Stew, and Artichokes.
Fave drink (non-alcoholic)? I can't say I have a favorite drink. I drink water more than anything else. It's thirst quenching. But calling it a favorite is a stretch—except maybe on a hot trail during a long hike. Then the taste of cool water can't be beat.
Fave candy bar? I have a soft spot for a few candy bars. Baby Ruth might lead the pack.
Fave flower? They’re all nice in their own way. But I'm probably more partial to tulips.
Fave gemstone? I love gemstones, and the ones that really grab me are nice, rich fire opals.
Fave day of the week? It's a toss-up between Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is nice because of the buffer of Sunday following it. But sometimes Sunday is less busy and I love a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Fave time of day to write? The early morning is usually best.
Fave season? That depends on where I am. Summer is best on the West Coast. Spring is better in the Midwest. Autumn is beautiful on the East Coast. Winter is great in the desert.
Fave holiday? Thanksgiving tops the list for me. Family, friends, a lovingly prepared meal, and a three more days of weekend following.
Fave color? Blue… no yellow…
Fave animal? I like tigers.
Fave hobby? These rotate. I would have to say at the moment that, even though I'm a published writer, writing is presently my favorite hobby. (I've still got a day job.) There are others. I love backpacking. I spent years enjoying tournament chess. I'm a musician. All of these things qualify as being among my favorite hobbies.
Fave sport? To play or to watch? And if watching, in person or on TV? Baseball has always been the sport I enjoyed playing the most, and I still love seeing games in person, but I don't spend much time watching it on TV. Hockey is good on TV. Soccer is fun to watch at the park and on TV. I love watching great bowlers. But the best TV sport, in my view, is football. It's structure fits that medium perfectly.
Fave song? That would be Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd.
Fave TV show? Monk with Tony Shalhoub. Or maybe Joss Whedon's Firefly.
Fave movie? 12 Monkeys usually tops my list. When I'm feeling a little edgier, then Donnie Darko. When I'm feeling more cerebral, Primer. Interestingly, all of those movies involve time travel one way or another, and that's something that hasn't found its way into any of my stories yet.
Fave book? Two books I just loved were Falling Glass by Adrian McKinty and The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Although, if I look back, I might say A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.
Fave author? John Steinbeck sets it up and brings it home better more consistently than anyone.
Fave word? I like the word "herald" in the sense that it signifies the imminent arrival of something wonderful. 
Fave quote? There are three right now:
"Cogito ergo sum." ~Rene Descartes
"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." ~Philip K. Dick
"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." ~Antoine de Saint Exupery.

Lightning Round:
Coffee or tea? Lo-Carb Monster
Cake or pie? Pie
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
Salty or sweet? Salty, salty, salty, salty, salty…
Veggies or fruit? Veggies
Owl or lark? Lark
Plot or not? Plot
Desktop or laptop? Laptop
Pencil or pen? Pen
Rain or sun? Sun
Land or sea? Land
Plane or train? Plane
Run or walk? Walk
Casual or dressy? Casual
Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors
Reading: EBook or paperback? Audiobook
Reading: Novellas or novels? Novellas
Theater or rental? Rental
Vampire or shifter? Shifter
Jedi or Sith? Jedi

Tell us about your new/latest release:
My new novel is a romantic suspense called HEARTS IN RUIN about two archaeologists at a controversial Southwestern dig. They are both passionate about their profession and find themselves in conflict almost immediately because of their strong feelings about what they do and how they do it. The novel is a fast-paced page turner and I've had great reviews and feedback from male and female readers.

Title: Hearts in Ruin
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Adventure, Mystery

Andrea had one goal in life, a quiet career as a mainstream archaeologist—nothing more nothing less—and she's one ancient secret away. When she is teamed with maverick prodigy Daniel Fuchs at his controversial pre-Clovis dig on tribal land, she soon realizes his wild theories may sidetrack her career. Her smartest move is to expose him and that is exactly what she plans to do. Except…he’s hot, sexy, and there is a chance his theories may be right.

As the dig deepens and outside forces mount, Andrea and Daniel find their careers and their shaky relationship on the brink of ruin. Who can she trust? To survive professionally and emotionally, Andrea must decide between what is expected and what she believes, because time is running out and the developers' bulldozers are poised to level the site.

Delve into the mystery and excitement of an archaeological dig in the New Mexico desert and experience the drive, determination, and passion surrounding the quest to unlock the Paleolithic past in this contemporary, romantic suspense. Hearts In Ruin…no shovel required to join this adventure to discover an ancient truth!

Despite the warm evening wind, Tala drew her knees close and shivered. Under the starlight, below the community’s terraced crops, mastodons filled the valley, their footfalls echoing in the dirt. But above, the Fire Star grew.

Not a good sign.

“I have something for you,” said Bin. He crouched near her on the grassy hill. “Close your eyes.”

She inclined her head. “What is it?”

“Hold out your hands,” he prodded.

She complied. A cold weight pressed down upon her palms. “Can I look now?”


Her breath caught in her throat. His gift was a beautiful bowl, bright and colorful with intricate, flowery designs. Around its interior were three words.

Bin loves Tala.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

She didn't know how to respond. It was very sweet. But now? The Fire Star loomed. They faced imminent change—a shift that would unbalance everything.

Still, this simple display pierced those concerns.

“I want you and no one else,” he said.

“Bin, I…”

He frowned. “You feel that way, too…don't you?”

Tears welled. She glanced at the Fire Star.

He followed her gaze. “That's a good sign,” he assured her. “It means we will be happy.”

He extended a hand. She drew a deep, slow breath, accepted his hand, and stood. The bowl slipped from her lap and cracked against a stone.

She gasped.

His eyes widened. His Adam’s apple bobbed. An intense remorse swept through her, momentarily eclipsing her fear of the Fire Star. She had to make this right.

She placed her hand on his chest and held his gaze. “I do love you, Bin.”

He blinked.
She kneeled and lifted the bowl and a fragment that had fallen from it. “This is a good sign. The words are intact.” She then handed the piece to him and arranged his hand. She held the bowl and placed it with the shard in his hand, matching. “This is yours.” She motioned. “And this is mine. It means we belong together.”

She watched his expression shift from despair to joy. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. His eyes sliced to the Fire Star and back. He flashed a cocky smirk. “Everything will be fine,” he crooned. “You'll see.”

She pressed her face against his chest. No, she thought. It won't.

Bin lowered his mouth toward her ear. “We have everything we need. Nothing can change all this.”

She squeezed. He was right about how she felt. She would accept him into her heart. She saw no reason to deny that. But he was wrong about everything else.

Things would not be fine.

They would not last.

At least they had each other—even if only for now.

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Author Bio:

J. C. Conway is a romance, science fiction and fantasy author, writing novels and short stories for adults, young adults and teens. Hearts in Ruin, released May 2014, is his debut novel. He has had numerous short stories published in print and online. This summer his new science-fiction short story, "Murphy's Traverse," was published in The Colored Lens. Look also for his classic tale, "Worlds Less Traveled," in Comets & Criminals. J. C. Conway attributes the spark igniting his writing to a grade-school assignment that he write a story about anything he liked, which, at the time, included dinosaurs, robots, army heroes and alien invaders. Since then he's added deep simmering passion, tense internal conflict and emotional dilemmas. To learn more, visit his website at, check out his Facebook page at, or follow him on Twitter at

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Fantastic Forty: J.J. DiBenedetto #Paranormal #Suspense #Author #Interview

Author name: J.J. DiBenedetto

Fave food? Fondue
Fave drink (non-alcoholic)? Chocolate & banana milkshake.
Fave candy bar? Heath Bar
Fave flower? Rose
Fave gemstone? Sapphire
Fave day of the week? Friday
Fave time of day to write? Afternoons (When I can.)
Fave season? Winter!!!!!
Fave holiday? Christmas
Fave color? Green
Fave animal? Dogs  
Fave hobby? Reading
Fave sport? Football (Go Giants!)
Fave song? Hoho Hoho Hohei! (Siegfried forging the sword at the end of Act I of “Siegfried”). Hey, you asked!
Fave TV show? Currently on—Doctor Who. Ever—a tossup between Farscape and Pushing Daisies.
Fave movie? 2001: A Space Odyssey (What can I say—HAL is one of my favorite characters ever.)
Fave book? Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin (Best novel I’ve ever read, hands down.)
Fave author? Stephen R. Donaldson (Although I was underwhelmed by his last book.)
Fave word? Love
Fave quote? “Wherever you go, there you are.”

Lightning Round:
Coffee or tea? Orange juice (Tea, if I have to pick one of the official choices.)
Cake or pie? Pie
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
Salty or sweet? Sweet
Veggies or fruit? Fruit
Owl or lark? Owl
Plot or not? Not
Desktop or laptop? Desktop
Pencil or pen? Pen
Rain or sun? Rain
Land or sea? Land
Plane or train? Plane
Run or walk? Walk
Casual or dressy? Casual
Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
Reading: EBook or paperback? Ebook
Reading: Novellas or novels? Novels
Theater or rental? Theater
Vampire or shifter? Vampire
Jedi or Sith? Sith (I want to shoot lightning from my hands. But I swear I’d use that power responsibility.  I’d only zap people who really deserved it.)

Tell us about your new/latest release:

Title: Dream Home
Genre: Paranormal Suspense

“Oh, my God, I’m not even starting the job for four months! How can I have an enemy already?”

Sara thought she had found the perfect job, the perfect new house and the perfect place to build a bright future for herself and her family.

But her new life is not quite perfect. Her husband and her children are fitting right in, but before Sara even shows up for her first day of work, her coworkers are dreaming about getting rid of her.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the one friend she’s made is dreaming nightly about a disaster that could wipe out the entire town…and Sara is beginning to think he might be right…

Dream Home is the exciting seventh book in the Dream Series.

I come home to an empty house. I don’t know where anyone is, and, considering that this is the first time I’ve been completely alone in the house since we moved in, I don’t really care. This is a golden opportunity to do one of my favorite things, and I’m not going to pass it up.

Remembering what happened the last time I tried this, I make a point of not bringing the
phone with me into the bathroom. Just the opposite; I even turn my cell phone completely off.
I lock the bedroom door, undress, go into our bathroom, and lock that door, too. Now, no
one can get to me. I’m free to completely relax. I run the water until it’s good and hot, and,
following the directions on the bottle, I pour in three capfuls of the lavender bubble bath Brian
got me for my birthday, and which I haven’t had the chance to use yet. Then, I throw caution to
the winds and pour several more capfuls in.

This is so nice; the water is just right, the bubbles are – well, very bubbly, and there’s no
one calling for my attention. I lie back, resting my head on the little inflatable bath pillow I also
haven’t had the chance to use until today, and I think about absolutely nothing.

At some point, I think I hear something that might be scratching at the bedroom door, but
it’s much too far away to be sure. It could be Chrissy, needing to go out. Or it could be nothing.
That’s probably exactly what it is, nothing, and I ignore it. Sometime later, I think I hear
knocking, and then banging, but that might also be nothing, so I ignore it, too.

I just lie in the bath, basking in the wonderful steam and the calming scent. It’s heaven.
I’m in – what the hell was that?

I jump up, cursing as I bang my knee on the faucet, and nearly losing my balance. I reach
out and grab the handhold set in the wall above the tub, and I somehow keep my feet. It was –
there’s a little window, high up on the wall, and something hit it.

There it is again! I saw something for a moment, something small and dark hitting the
window. It’s still vibrating. So much for relaxing – my heartrate feels like it just doubled, and
my mind is racing, too. Who’s throwing rocks – oh. Someone must be home. I’ve already
sloshed water all over the floor, so there’s no point in worrying about dripping. I climb out of
the bath and grab a towel. I dry off as best I can, and emerge into the bedroom. Of course I left
my bathrobe out there. I put it on and unlock the bedroom door.

I’m greeted by my mother, Lizzie and Steffy, all standing about three feet away from the
door, and directly behind a yellow puddle on the floor. I guess Chrissy was scratching at the
door, needing to go out. Mom has a phone in her hand. “Sara, what is wrong with you? We’ve
been banging on the door for fifteen minutes! Thank God Howard got your attention throwing
rocks at the window. I was ready to call the paramedics!”

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Amazon (Kindle or Paperback)
Barnes & Noble (Nook or Paperback)

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Name A Hero: “B” #Thursday13 #Hero #Romance #Paranormal

Hey All!

I’m back with another Thursday Thirteen Name a Hero post! This week I’m moving on to Letter “B!”

The first four names on the list are ones I have used in either published or not-yet-published books, but the rest are random names I like! Truthfully, I had no idea I’d already used four “B” names for heroes, and I know of at least one villain with a “B” name! For heroines, I used to be big on the letter “J!” I’m going to have to make another chart and see where I am now that I have more books out!

Which Hero “B” name is your fave? Is it listed here, or do you have another? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Here’s our Hero to get you thinking! ;)

1. Bull  
2. Brock
3. Ben/Benjamin
4. Brad
5. Bryant
6. Brian
7. Brandon
8. Braeden
9. Brennan
10. Brett
11. Brent
12. Brice
13. Brody

Happy Reading! :)


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Fantastic Forty: Allie Quinn #Paranormal #Erotic #Romance

Author name: Allie Quinn

Fave food? Watermelon (or popcorn)
Fave drink (non-alcoholic)? Flavored green tea (one called Walnut Cream)
Fave candy bar? Favorite candy is M&M’s
Fave flower? Yellow roses
Fave gemstone? Sapphire
Fave day of the week? Wednesday
Fave time of day to write? Any time no one else is around.
Fave season? Fall, when things are crisp and fragrant and it’s time to build a fire.
Fave holiday? Thanksgiving
Fave color? Pink
Fave animal? Dog, preferably big.
Fave hobby? Writing, then cooking then baking.
Fave sport? Climbing
Fave song? IT’S AMERICA by Rodney Atkins
Fave TV show? 24
Fave movie? The Wedding Date
Fave book? Nora Roberts—Witness
Fave author? Too many to name—Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown (just to name a few)
Fave word? Freedom
Fave quote? “I’ll be your Huckleberry.”

Lightning Round:
Coffee or tea? Tea
Cake or pie? Pie
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
Salty or sweet? Salty
Veggies or fruit? Fruit
Owl or lark? Owl
Plot or not? Plot
Desktop or laptop? Desktop
Pencil or pen? Either or as long as they are colored.
Rain or sun? Sun, but I like thunderstorms.
Land or sea? Sea
Plane or train? Train
Run or walk? Walk
Casual or dressy? Dressy
Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
Reading: EBook or paperback? Paperback
Reading: Novellas or novels? Novels
Theater or rental? Rental
Vampire or shifter? Vampire
Jedi or Sith? Jedi

Tell us about your new/latest release:
UNDER THE COVER OF MOONLIGHT was released June 10, 2014, by Loose Id. It is the 2nd in Allie Quinn’s Moonlight Assassins Series.

Genre: Erotic/Paranormal

When Zack McCullen thinks his research program has been stolen by Rachel Maxwell, he wants nothing more than to kill her. At the very least, he wants her arrested. But something about her photo haunts him and makes his heart pound. He even dreams about her. When he finally meets her in person, he's blindsided by his burning desire for her. As hard as he fights it, with one touch of her hand, he loses the battle.

After one passion-filled night, Zack knows she's the soulmate destiny has chosen for him. There's no way in hell he can allow her to be taken from him, much less arrested; he can't live without her. Then he discovers who the true thief is, and anger gives way to terror. Terror of the thief, but more, terror that neither he, nor the passion he’s discovered with Rachel, will survive under the cover of moonlight.

Zack stood the deck of his rented log house and looked at the frozen lake before he took in the dark house next door. He stopped at the sight of Rachel and her dog, Mav, standing on her own deck watching him.

The fire in him grew steadily.

He sucked in a lungful of cold air and discovered there was no controlling his reaction to her. There was only learning to live with it. “I’m afraid you had the advantage.” His yell was unusually loud over the snow and stillness.


“You knew we were neighbors before I did. You could have said something.”

“Sorry.” Her answer was short.

He grinned, knowing full well if she was sorry about anything, it was that she’d gotten caught spying on him. “I’d invite you for a drink, but my refrigerator’s empty.”

“And I’m afraid you have the advantage.”

He sure as hell hoped so.

“You know my name, but I don’t know yours.”

“Zack McCullin.” Under the moonlight, he studied her.

“Well, Zack McCullin, why don’t you come over here? My fridge isn’t empty.”

Night had settled in like a dark blanket over the lake. The misty snow was still in the air but not as hard as before.

By the time Zack reached her, Rachel was still peering out over the lake through a pair of binoculars. The dog watched the lake, too, as if he expected to see a creature break its way up through the ice.

“See anything interesting?” He bit his tongue to keep from adding, Like someone breaking a hole in the ice and dropping in a plastic, watertight container with a flash drive holding my stolen information?

She took the glasses from her eyes and looked up at him. Her light eyes sparkled with reflected moonlight. Her face looked softer to him, not on alert, although still looking ready—ready for what, he had no idea. Her eyes looked a bit less haunted, too, but not by much.

“Nothing unusual,” she replied. “Everything’s calm.”

He shrugged. “That’s good, right?”

“That’s very good.”

The dog nudged him. Zack scratched his chin. “Hi, Mav.”

Satisfied with his greeting, Mav moved away closer to the edge of the deck and looked out at the lake again.

The flatness of Rachel’s confirmation told him there had been a time once when things weren’t so calm. He wondered what had caused the ripples.

“I promised you a drink. Let’s go in. We shouldn’t be out here in the dark, anyway,” Rachel said before she turned and headed up the deck, which, unlike his, was completely cleared of snow. The dog stared at him a long moment, as if to say come on, what are you waiting for? Then he too followed.

“Why not?” he asked. “Afraid of the bogeyman?”

She paused in her step and turned back to meet his gaze. “As a matter of fact, yes, I am. And you never know when he might be lurking out here.”

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