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Winter Warm-Up #BlogHop #HopswithHeart #Romance #Giveaway

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Welcome to my stop on the WINTER WARM UP BLOG HOP!!

This hop runs thru Monday, December 22, so be sure to visit and check out all the blogs in the hop—there’s a prize on every stop—and don’t forget to enter the Grand Prize Rafflecopter (below) for a chance to win a $75 Amazon Gift Card!


I’m giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card! To enter, leave me a comment telling me the name of your fave Christmas carol! (Don’t forget to include your EMAIL so I can contact you if you win!!) It’s easy peasy!!

I’ll chose one random winner and notify them on Tuesday, 12/23!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Troy’s Fox #Excerpt #FlashbackFriday #PNR #Shifter #Romance #MFRWauthor

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from the fifth book in my Chestnut Rock Series, TROY’S FOX!

Here’s the blurb:
Autumn Wilson is a struggling waitress in the new café, The Health Nut. She’s been alone for so long, her circumstances, while not ideal, have become routine. Her past is a constant reminder that hopes and dreams are useless and the only one you can depend on is yourself.

Troy Richards’ success as an author has allowed him to travel the country searching for his mate. He’s visited dozens of cities and small towns over the years only to leave feeling more lonely and depressed than when he arrived. Tired of hoping for something that will never happen, he decides to plant roots in the mid-sized town of Chestnut Rock.

On Troy’s first day in town, he finds Autumn. After years of searching, he not only finds his mate, but she’s a fox shifter like him. He joyfully braces himself for her recognition, eager to start their lives together, until it becomes clear she doesn’t feel the same. Autumn seems to thwart his advances easier than a mated shifter should and tries to keep her distance. As Troy gets to know Autumn, he realizes he not only has to convince her of their mating and his ability to shift, but of her own ability, as well as the strength of a bond between a mated pair.

Here’s the excerpt:
Troy Richards drove his Harley into the half full parking lot and silenced the engine. He got off the bike and studied the area. The mid-size town of Chestnut Rock settled his fidgety fox for the first time in months.

The town had many big-city amenities, but the low population and surrounding National Forest appealed to his needs of silence and nature. Troy laughed as he thought about his need for quiet. His Harley was the complete opposite of discreet. When he was out on the open road he enjoyed the loud rumble of the engine, but at home he preferred a softer, melodic sound. Or no sound at all.

His acute hearing, combined with his desire to work without distraction, usually kept him holed up and hidden away from society. When he put characters on the page, he was never alone. Each one felt like a long lost family member, and as he wrote their stories, they became more than just words. They engaged his mind and kept him alive.

Between stories was when he needed to worry. With nothing to keep his mind occupied, it was easy to focus on the feeling of loneliness that hovered every day, reminding him that he would probably never find a mate and he would die alone.

A shifter’s life is incredibly lonely until they find a mate to share it with. Sometimes family, friends, work or hobbies can ease the ache, but until they find the one person meant for them, there’s always a chance a shifter can sink so far into depression they can never get out. It’s not unheard of for a shifter to die from loneliness.

That’s why he left home five years ago.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Candi’s Buck #Excerpt #FlashbackFriday #PNR #Shifter #Romance #MFRWauthor

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from the fourth book in my Chestnut Rock Series, CANDI’S BUCK!

Here’s the blurb:
Candi Smith spends her days working her dream job as head chef in her brother’s new restaurant. The café’s early operating hours allow her a daily walk in the forest and time to visit her special place, the alcove. When a buck starts to visit the alcove as well, she learns there’s one thing better than being alone in the forest. Candi’s feelings for the buck are confusing but they become more unusual when she meets Aiden.

Aiden Montgomery is a zoology professor and a deer shifter. His job is rewarding, but a run through the forest in his buck form is the perfect way to end to his day. Forty is fast approaching and his age, combined with his scarred leg, are reminders he isn’t worthy of a mate. He keeps the loneliness at bay by drowning in projects for work, seemingly content with his life. When he sees Candi for the first time, and recognizes her as his mate, her youth and perfection persuade him he doesn’t deserve her.

Aiden is driven to spend small amounts of time with Candi, convinced his intense feelings will be easier to control if he gets her out of his system. The plan backfires and leaves the pair unhappy, despite the love they share. He knows they can’t be together, but Aiden feels he owes Candi the truth about their connection. Candi’s not as naïve as she seems and she has her own plans for her buck.

Here’s the excerpt:
The snap of a twig from somewhere behind startled Candi, and she turned away from the trail to look into the forest. There wasn’t anything directly behind her, but she was sure she heard something. Candi’s heart raced and she concentrated on keeping her breathing slow and even. The forest was home to several wild animals, and though sightings were rare and she’d never heard of an attack, it didn’t mean it couldn’t happen. She stood perfectly still and roamed the dense trees with her eyes.

Not a single sound echoed around her. While normally peaceful, she no longer heard the bird’s song or the chattering chipmunks. Something was out there, but she couldn’t see it. She turned to leave and took a step before her mind processed what she saw. She turned back.


A large, round black eye was nestled between the trees about fifteen feet away. A closer look revealed the tan head of a white-tailed deer. Now that his location was revealed, she could see the antlers that were previously hidden in the trees and the rest of his body came into focus.

They stared at each other as the minutes passed until Candi took a step forward. Something deep inside urged her to move closer. She wanted to touch him, certain he wouldn’t cause her harm. It didn’t make any sense. He was a wild animal, but she couldn’t deny the feeling.

One step was all it took, and he bolted. Candi watched his tail disappear between the trees, confused by the odd sensation to follow. It was unsafe to go wandering in the woods alone, so she stayed put and studied the area. She searched for his return, but if he did, he stayed hidden.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Brock’s Bunny #Excerpt #FlashbackFriday #PNR #Shifter #Romance #MFRWauthor

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from the third book in my Chestnut Rock Series, BROCK’S BUNNY!

Here’s the blurb:
Hollie Dawson, a vegetarian, owns the only health food store in Chestnut Rock. She’s also a rabbit shifter, but unlike the gray and black jackrabbits that can camouflage themselves easily, Hollie is a pure white bunny. As a shifter, her ultimate dream is to meet the one man destined to fill the lonely space in her heart.

Brock Smith owns the most popular steak house in town. When the woman with the platinum hair and violet eyes questions his menu, he’s caught off guard and makes a bad first impression. Unable to explain why their meeting bothers him so much, he’s driven to make changes and find her.

Brock and Hollie acknowledge their intense desire to be together and make future plans, but Hollie hasn’t shared her secret yet. When Brock finds out about her bunny by accident, his reaction could destroy their newfound happiness.

Here’s the excerpt:
Hollie Dawson looked around the restaurant while her date rambled on the phone to one of his “clients.” The atmosphere was nice if you enjoyed the western thing. Hollie didn’t. Saddles, spurs, horseshoes and cowboy hats decorated the walls. She could appreciate the antler chandeliers if she convinced herself that they were fake, but she couldn’t forgive the skulls. Steer skulls occupied several walls and she couldn’t shake the probability that they were real. Her stomach rolled at the thought.

Hollie eyed her date. Her initial response when he asked her out had been no. He was attractive, but she knew he wasn’t meant for her. She’d only agreed to avoid another Friday night alone. Or working. With nothing else to do, she spent most of her time at her health food store, The Harvest. Her friend, Christina, had expressed her concern and Hollie agreed. She needed to get involved in something else. Have fun again. A thriving business was nice, but life was more than just work. It had to be.

Now that Christina had found her bear, and knew about Hollie, she’d been invited to several weekend get-togethers at Christina’s or Jenn’s. Christina and Jenn were best friends, but they welcomed her into their group, and Hollie was grateful. It was nice to be around shifters again—even if they were predators.

Shifters aren’t natural joiners. They’re used to keeping secrets and spend most of their time alone. With no one to share their lives, many shifters border on depression and some can even die of loneliness if they don’t find a mate. Hollie envied the friendship her four friends shared. Why more shifters didn’t try and stick together, she didn’t know.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book Spotlight: Don’t Say No @TheGoddessNaomi #NewRelease #Contemporary #Romance

Title: Don't Say No
Author:  Naomi Bellina
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Publisher: Hearts Desire Press

Mixing business with pleasure has never been so much fun

Amber’s life sucks. Her ex got her thrown out of college, then fired from her job. When she’s hired for a mystery shopping assignment, she hopes this is exactly what she needs to kick-start her life and get her back on track.

Jaeger is all business when he hires Amber to check out the spa he’s purchasing. If she can help him prove that the venture will be a success, then he can build his own future, not the one his family has mapped out for him. Becoming attracted to his sexy spy isn’t part of the plan.

Amber can’t see how she fits into Jaeger’s world, and he’s too uptight to ever fit into hers. Circumstances bring them together, in bed and out, but when a secret from his upper-class life is revealed, Amber must decide if she can trust him. Or is her life going down in flames all over again?

Lord have mercy. What was he doing, licking that delicious woman like she was frosting on a birthday cake? The taste of her still lingered on his tongue as he shut off the lights and locked the spa doors. Whatever else needed his attention here could wait. He couldn't concentrate anymore tonight if his life depended on it.

What was it about Amber that lit him up so much? She was attractive, anyone could see that, but there was some special spark in her, something that blazed hot and sweet and called to him. He loved her energy, that determination she had to succeed. He had the same drive and knew what it felt like to be continually reaching for a goal. She'd got knocked down recently and had someone she loved turn on her, but it hadn't stopped her.

On another level, he knew he was drawn to her passion. Those two kisses with her were hotter than any he'd shared with other women. He was still hard from their encounter and could think of nothing else.

Which was bad. He had a lot else to think about. It was beyond painful to push her away, but absolutely necessary if he was going to get the spa running the way it should. He would be spending hours and hours here and couldn't be distracted by a delicious, enticing woman. Even though Amber said it could just be about sex, he was pretty sure he couldn't do that. Not with her, anyway. Once he started with her, he'd want more, and he didn't think she would give it to him.

One minute she was talking about moving away, the next minute she said she would work for him. He didn't think she would stay long, not really. She said she wanted to move out, to be on her own or at least away from her mother. He got that. It was hard to go back home once you'd left.

If he could keep her here for a while, help him get started, that would be good enough. What happened between them after that… Well, he wasn't going to get his hopes up and dream of something he couldn't have.

Bella Sun would be his girlfriend for the next few months, and maybe longer.

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Author Bio:
Naomi Bellina lives in sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical calico cat. She became a romance author because her characters insist on falling madly in love. So she lets them. She writes paranormal, contemporary and new adult romance and often erotic romance. Her interests include dancing, motorcycle riding, drumming and creating healthy meals. Her motto:  Never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure! 

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