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Fantastic Forty ~ Sarah Mäkelä

Hi Everyone! 

My guest this week is the marvelous…

~ Sarah Mäkelä!~

Author name: Sarah Mäkelä
Website: http://www.sarahmakela.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authorsarahmakela
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sarahmakela

Fave food? Italian food
Fave drink (non-alcoholic)? Coke and Diet Green Tea with Citrus
Fave candy bar? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Fave flower? Rose
Fave gemstone? Amethyst or Ruby
Fave day of the week? Saturday
Fave time of day to write? Night is when I tend to focus best.
Fave season? Winter
Fave holiday? Halloween and Christmas
Fave color? Black and purple
Fave animal? White tiger
Fave hobby? Gaming
Fave sport? Soccer
Fave song? Eurydice by Sleepthief featuring Jody Quine.
Fave TV show? Justified and Supernatural
Fave movie? Taken
Fave book? Curse the Dawn by Karen Chance
Fave author? Ilona Andrews
Fave word? Exotic
Fave quote? Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. ~William Shakespeare

Lightning Round:
Coffee or tea? Diet Green Tea w/Citrus
Cake or pie? Cake
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
Salty or sweet? Both
Veggies or fruit? Veggies
Owl or lark? Owl
Plot or not? Hybrid
Desktop or laptop? Desktop
Pencil or pen? Pen
Rain or sun? Rain
Land or sea? Sea
Plane or train? Train
Run or walk? Walk
Casual or dressy? Casual
Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
Reading: EBook or paperback? Paperback
Reading: Novellas or novels? Novels
Theater or rental? Depends on the movie (usually Netflix.)
Vampire or shifter? Shifter
Jedi or Sith? Neither

Tell us about your new/latest release:

Title: Captive Moonlight
Genre: Western Paranormal Romance

When her betrothed, Joe, is taken captive by a group of men looking for werewolf laborers, it's up to Charlotte to track him down and win him back--even if that means putting her own life in danger.

Charlotte wrapped her arms around Joe's broad torso and scraped her fingernails gently along the length of his muscular back. His breath came out quickly against her skin as he brushed feather-light kisses against her neck.

He nudged her thighs apart. Anticipation built within her as his hand dipped to her pussy. He parted her wet folds with his callused fingers and pushed one finger inside her.

She moaned, enjoying the tantalizing sensations his skilled attention brought about. She looked into his eyes, and he grinned down at her. The look of masculine satisfaction that he could please his lover was written clearly on his face.

She opened her mouth to protest when Joe removed his finger, but then he thrust his firm cock inside her, filling her so completely in one smooth stroke.

Charlotte dug her nails into his back. Joe's eyes nearly rolled back in his head, and she couldn't help but smile as he arched into her touch. Her betrothed liked a little pain with his sex. Not much, just nails and some teeth. Then again, it was befitting of a werewolf.

They didn't talk much about that side of who he was. She figured he would share what he wanted with her. Sometimes he did, but she suspected he preferred to pretend like they were both normal. People were too quick to judge others by their race, or even species, these days.

Charlotte didn't care about any of that. Being with Joe was her only need. She trailed a fingertip across his cheek while her other hand continued to dig into his flesh.

He met her gaze. His eyes, normally dark brown, were now wolf amber. "What did I do to get such a sweet lady like you?" he said, his voice gravelly and low.

She laughed, but the sound caught in her throat as his lips caressed her breast. "I wonder that too. Maybe it was destiny."

He flicked his tongue over her nipple before pulling it into his mouth. He sucked on it, bringing pleasure sweeping through her. His other hand trailed along her full hips, which he insisted made her curvaceous and luscious.

She liked his answer.

He thrust even faster. Desire built within her as they reached ever closer toward climax. Charlotte leaned back against the pillow, clinging to him as he became the only thing real in her life. "Joe..."

Joe brushed kisses up from her breast to her neck until he finally placed a kiss on her lips. "Yes, love?" Hunger filled his eyes as he watched her. "You're getting close. So tight." He slid in and out in longer strokes.

He knew what she liked. "I love it when you talk like that." Her body clenched as orgasm rushed toward her. She gasped and gripped his back. Joe covered her lips with his, ravishing her mouth until she didn't know which way was up. He was the hungry wolf to her somewhat innocent maid.

Buy link: ChangelingPress

Thank you, Sarah, for being my guest today! :)


~Jane~ said...

Hi Sarah~

Thank you so much for being my guest today! I love the excerpt for Captive Moonlight! :)


~Jane~ said...

Hi Everyone~

Changeling Press is doing some scheduled maintenance today. If you can't link to Sarah's book, don't give up! Try again later/tomorrow! :)


Vicki Batman said...

Cool interview, girls and one hot excerpt!

Karen Cote said...

LOVED the answers Sarah. I think it is safe to say you are one diverse and interesting individual. Not predictable which makes for great storytelling.

Hugs Jane! Wonderful guest.

Lisa Kessler said...

Fun interview Sarah!!!

Good luck with the new release!

Lisa :)

~Jane~ said...

Hi Vicki~
Thanx for visiting, glad you enjoyed the interview! :)

Hi Karen~
It's always nice to see you visiting my blog! *Hugs* Thank you my friend! :)

Hi Lisa~
Thank you for stopping by to support Sarah! :)


Sarah Mäkelä said...

Thanks for having me today, Jane! I'm glad everyone stopped by!

By the way, the Changeling website appears to be working at the moment. :-)

Vicki - Thank you! I'm so glad you liked the interview and excerpt!

Karen - Wow, I really appreciate that! Thanks! I strive to be well-rounded. :-)

Lisa - I'm happy you stopped by and commented! Thank you! :-D

Janice Seagraves said...

Nice interview and excerpt.

I wish you well with your release.


~Jane~ said...

Hi Janice~

Thanx for visiting and commenting today! :)