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Fantastic Forty ~ Willow May Jennings

Hi Everyone! Please help me welcome this week’s amazing author…

~Willow May Jennings!~

Author name: Willow May Jennings 
Twitter: @willowmjennings
Fave food? All comfort foods. The problem is they don’t like me and my waistline. It’s really not fair. I love Mexican with lots of cheese!
Fave drink (non-alcoholic)? Coffee just to get me going, however, I found cranapple and those flavors are delightful.
Fave candy bar? Again, I love a snickers but I can’t do the sugar.
Fave flower? The smelly ones.
Fave gemstone? Diamonds of course, but since no one loves me, I enjoy turquoise.
Fave day of the week? Every day is just another day in Paradise!
Fave time of day to write? Mornings, when I am fresh and full of it.
Fave season? The season that has no humidity, bugs, or hurricanes.
Fave holiday? My birthday, which is close enough to Christmas to be about the same thing.  
Fave color? The color of twilight in the late fall evening.
Fave animal? My ex-boyfriend who spends most of his time in the doghouse. 
Fave hobby? Writing, of course, and reading.
Fave sport? I like the kind of sports you can play when the lights are off.
Fave song? No favorites here, I like them all.
Fave TV show? I don’t do TV anymore.
Fave movie? I only go to the movies if my date is springing for the popcorn and M&Ms, otherwise I don’t do movies either.
Fave book? Now, that is hard! My interests vary so widely, I can’t say which particular one, no way, there’s so many.
Fave author? Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Conrad. Actually, there’s just too many to mention.
Fave word? Please. It’s amazing how using that word is like magic.
Fave quote? ”It’s better to be thought a fool, then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” ~M. Twain 

Lightning Round:
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Cake or pie? Cake
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
Salty or sweet? Sweet
Veggies or fruit? Fruit
Owl or lark? Lark
Plot or not? Plot
Desktop or laptop? Desktop
Pencil or pen? Talking keyboard 
Rain or sun? Rain
Land or sea? Sea
Plane or train? Train
Run or walk? Walk
Casual or dressy? Casual
Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
Reading: EBook or paperback? Audiobook
Reading: Novellas or novels? Novels
Theater or rental? Talking books 
Vampire or shifter? Shifter
Jedi or Sith? ?

Tell us about your new/latest release:

I think a little background is needed.

I enrolled in an on-line class for writing. Being blind, I had a girlfriend help me. It wasn’t until she told me it was for Romance did I realize I was in the wrong classroom, but since she went to the trouble of enrolling me…writing is writing regardless the genre, right? I was dating this woman from Ohio. One night, she allowed me to Braille her face. She had long bangs down to her eyebrows and a particularly pointed nose, and she told me she was once a glitter critter. (Note: People who sprinkle glitter all over their bodies and go to Barry Manilow concerts.) Coupled with my vivid imagination, my character, Sophie Kate was born.

I believe it is the author’s responsibility to educate as well as entertain. My story is about a blind social worker who helps those who is less fortunate than himself. A lot of the scenes depicted in the book are from real experiences.

Sophie Kate brings Neil Bonnet into her world, the Land of the Glitter Critters. It is in this world that Neil recovers his vision; just in time to get himself beat up. Caterpillar, Kentucky is plagued by a gang of bank robbing bikers who are terrorizing the population. Sophie Kate needs a hero and someone to save her and her people from certain extinction. 

This story is like a French stone soup, it has a little of everything in it: sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Then we add a little romance, humor, a little Kung Fu fighting, and a happy ever after. I tried to convey a sense of freedom for our hero. From out of his darkness into a world where he can see, but also, to run like the wind. A great way to escape, huh?   

Title: Catmando
Genre: Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal

A romantic fantasy about a blind social worker who struggles to help those less fortunate when he is drawn into a new world where his skills are needed to save a community from a bank robbing biker gang, but more important, he must save the people of Caterpillar from certain extinction. This story explores the freedoms of body and soul once released from the physical limitations. The reader will yearn to run with the Cataroons and the wind.

The Cataroon and her human companion walked until they reached a ridge overlooking a vast prairie. The bright moonlight colored the panorama view for as far as Neil could see. He felt an utter stillness where the horizon left off and the vast multitudes of stars with its infinity picked up. The scene before them made his problems seem insignificant. A breeze caressed his face and ruffled his clothing like a lover in a moment of passion. He tilted his head toward the heavens. Neil spread his arms out as if giving himself up as a willing supplicant to his mistress’s whims. He opened his eyes to bear witness to so vast a host of stars that he gasped with the feeling of insignificance.

Neil Bonnet never imagined such a sight and began to feel overwhelmed with what he saw. He lowered his arms and turned to Sophie Kate. He caught her studying him with the tilt of her head.

“Never in my life have I ever experienced such beauty. It’s very humbling. No one could have ever articulated and still move me as I am moved tonight,” he spoke to himself as much as to her. She remained silent. “I lost my sight at an early age and what I did not know, I did not miss.” He said as he threw out his arms to indicate everything before him. “I suppose I have you to thank for all this, but words fail me.”

He inhaled and blew out his emotions. He turned back to face the Cataroon. “So, are you going to scratch me or what?” he asked with some curiosity.

She slowly stood and walked over to stand in front of him. She placed her paws on his broad shoulders. She leaned closer and had to stand on the tips of her toes to kiss him. She grabbed hold of his shirt to deepen the kiss before taking his bottom lip. She did not pull back after biting him, but suckled. The sensation sent electrical charges all the way down to his crotch and it continued to the bottom of his soul. She drew back while licking her lips.

“You must remove your clothing,” Sophie Kate ordered.

The longer Neil remained in this world; the more confident he became. He did not hesitate to strip off his clothing. Neil kept his eyes on Sophie Kate to watch her reaction as he took off his pants. Never before had he performed a strip tease, much less in the wide-open space. Her gaze stared down and he grew hard. This wild boldness changed as a queer feeling swept over Neil’s body and it frightened him a little. Was he being too trustful of this strange animal-like creature, even if she was a sexy lover?

Buy links:
Amazon: http://amzn.com/B009QEJLHY
Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/244967

Thank you, Willow May, for allowing us to get to know you better! :)


~Jane~ said...

Hi Willow May!

Thanx so much for being my guest today! CATMANDO sounds very interesting and you have a beautiful cover! :)


Melody Simmons said...

It's an amazing book! I loved the Cataroons and their wild frolicking. The main character is very likeable and heroic too. The story has some interesting twists. Great to hear more about the author!


momofemmett said...

Willow May! Thanks for inviting me to your interview! Awesome job! I enjoyed your book tremendously, and I'm waiting on #2!! When is it coming over my way? Jan

~Jane~ said...

Hi Melody and Jan~

Thanx for visiting and checking out Willow May's interview! :)