Friday, December 14, 2012

Candy Cane Kink Blog Hop!

Hi Everyone and Welcome to the Candy Cane Kink Blog Hop!

This Blog Hop features readers, writers and reviewers of erotica so you’ll probly find lots of naughty/kinky excerpts as you hop from blog to blog! ;)

There are over 100 participating blogs—each with their own giveaway—so there are plenty of chances to win!

I’m a reader of erotic romance, but most of my stories are sweet/sensual with the exception of ONE NIGHT WITH YOU!

ONE NIGHT WITH YOU is an Erotic/IR/Contemporary Romance with a HFN (Happy For Now) ending. When I first came up with the idea for Ty and Kate, I knew their story had to be told. Plus it involves a hot car—what could be better? ;)

Here’s the blurb:
After spending a long day and night at the office, Tyronne decides to cruise downtown and look for some fun. Before he reaches the downtown exit, fun finds him when a cute brunette pulls her car up next to his.

Kate wasn’t interested in her blind date, but it still stung when he rejected her. When she left the club early she intended to spend a quiet night at home until she spotted the hot car with an even hotter guy inside.

Here’s an excerpt:
Kate couldn’t believe the way this night was playing out.

Even though she hated blind dates, her coworker had convinced her to go out with his brother, Nate. She didn’t want to go alone, so she asked Susan to come along. The three of them had met for drinks and dancing at a club downtown. Unfortunately, her date and Susan got along great, and Kate was left holding up the bar. When their dancing led to a second straight hour, she decided to leave.

Though she was disappointed with the night, Kate wasn’t really mad at Susan. Her friend and Nate had a lot in common and obviously liked each other. Like herself, Susan had needed a break in her dry spell, and it seemed Nate would give it to her. She gave Susan the go-ahead and left disappointed. Rejection never felt good, especially if your date liked your friend more than you.

Walking over to the man with the hot car, she was glad Nate wasn’t interested in her.

The man in front of her was sex on a stick with dark brown, almost black eyes, equally dark skin, and black hair trimmed close to his scalp. The smooth lines of his face and jaw held a classic beauty usually saved for magazine covers. Over six feet tall, he towered over her five-foot-nine frame. He wore an expensive suit and tie with the jacket missing, and his confidence bordered on arrogant.

His car, Rally Yellow, made famous by the action hero in a popular movie, screamed money. Pushing aside the thought of women spreading their legs for him all over town—it didn’t do much for her confidence—she instead mentally cheered herself about her conquest. She’d snagged a tall, dark, seemingly rich man with just a smile. Though she didn’t usually pick up men on the freeway, she deserved to have some fun.

ONE NIGHT WITH YOU is available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble!


I’m giving away a $5 Gift Card to! To enter, leave me a comment below telling me your fave way to enjoy eating Candy Canes: Big, Small, Sticks or Balls—don’t forget your EMAIL—and get your minds out of the gutter! ;)

Be sure to visit all the blogs on the hop! Here’s the list:

Happy Hopping Everyone! :)


Swordlily said...

I don't care how they look like as long as they taste good :)
Happy Holidays!

Natasha Blackthorne said...

Thank you for hopping with us. Happy Holidays.

susanmp said...

I am not a candy cane fan at all, give my a chocolate cane!

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Jane - thanks for the giveaway opportunity - Happy Holidays:)
kaydeeroyal at msn dot com

Elie said...

Sticks. long sticks.
Thanks for the chance for a naughty holiday!

Di said...

any way I phrase it, it sounds naughty! How about stir the candycane in hot chocolate?
sallans d at yahoo dot com

Confident but Sexy said...

Ohh I lick them till all the colour goes then I bite them! :)

Megan x

Natasha said...

I like any of them.
Thanks for the chance to win!
natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

Jean MP said...

Love candy canes
Happy Holidays!
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Kerry Pacious said...

I love rasberry candy canes the best....but as to how I eat them? slowly sucking & licking until all the stripes have disappeared then I take a great big bite!!! Thanks forthe giveaway & Happy Holidays

Theresa Esterline said...

I prefer big candy canes in traditional mint flavor or cherry ;)

Thanks for participating in the hop!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (or whatever Holidays you celebrate between now and then).

Amy said...

I like the big ones:)
Happy Holidays!

BLHmistress said...

I like big ones , with the original flavor.

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

I really like those soft Peppermint balls that kind of melt in your mouth! My other way are the sticks that are flavored. I bought a bunch from Cracker Barrel. I break them into four pieces and suck on them while I am on the computer. Cuts down on the smoking!

Thanks so much for the giveaway and being a part of the hop.

Happy Holidays,

CBarton said...

Thank you for the giveaway and for being a part of the hop. I like smaller pieces that fit in my mouth,m less
Happy Holidays

Daniel M said...

don't like the big canes, prefer mint sized - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

Jeanette Platt said...

ok so i like candy canes any flavor I am a mint/ peppermint person... I eat them/suck on them upside down... I start with the long part so that it is easier to eat and always make those sharp points... then i always ending up having to break the hook part to finish them... I know crazy right.

thanks for being part of the hop...

Ashley Applebee said...

I so want to take this naughty, but I wont, even if it is the Candy Cane Kink hop lol...I dont like regular candy canes, but blueberry and strawberry ones ROCK!! I like to break them up in little pieces on suck on them like they're lollipops...okay I guess I did take that naughty lol
Thanks for the great giveaway and hopping with us!!
Ashley A

Dovile said...

I don't really like candy canes. Chocolate is better! Thank you for the chance!

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

magic5905 said...

Long sticks is my favorite.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

Lacey T said...

I love the sticks! :)

JanD said...

I prefer the small sticks.
bituin76 at hotmail dot com

JessS said...

I like small ones because they're easier to eat, and I like to snap them into pieces. Thanks!!


K. April Holgate said...

I like the big ones but I am not opposed to the balls! wink, wink!

I love doing hops cause I find so many awesome books and new authors to stalk!! Merry Book-mas to me! Merry Kink-mas to one and all!


Cassandra said...

I love the different flavored ones :)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

kimberly holgate said...

i dont know if there balls per say but the sort of pumpkin shaped ones that are soft and melt in your mouth
kaholgate at ymail dot com

wpogrant said...

I am not a candy cane fan.

Carla said...

It always involves a little warm chocolate...
planterofhope at aol dot com

Beckey said...

I enjoy them in a cup of egg nog (8oz glass) with a shot of Peppermint shanapps stick the candy cane into the eggnog drink and enjoy...

Thanks for the great giveaway
Happy Holidays

Marlene Breakfield said...

I like the peppermint nuggats, that they sell at Christmas. I love the candy canes too.

Marlene Breakfield said...

Forgot e-mail.

bn100 said...

in a brownie
Happy holidays!