Monday, December 24, 2012

My Holiday Season In Pictures!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Christmas Eve! :)

This Holiday Season has been a fun one for me and my family and I thought I would share some of the highlights with you!

This is our first Holiday in our small town, and the first time we’ve been to the Christmas Tree Lighting in center square! The tree lighting is the weekend before Thanksgiving!


The following day there was a Christmas Parade down Main Street! Here’s a pic of Hubby and I at the parade!


We usually put out our Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving and we did the same this year! Hubby and I used our stockings from last year, but TG wanted to decorate a new one. She hadn’t done it yet when this pic was taken—hers is the blank stocking! (It’s now decorated with a cute reindeer and candy canes!)


Not a first, but a first in a long time—we got to put out our entire Christmas Village! (Space has been limited in the last few places we’ve lived!) I love my village more than my tree! :)


Finally, at the constant badgering (*Hee, hee, hee!*) of Anastasia Vitsky, here is a pic of me in the Christmas sweater I rocked at that Christmas Party a couple weeks ago! One of the “cool” kids tried to make fun of me—notice I said tried—but it didn’t faze me! I love my sweater and it even got TG’s approval, which is not easy to do! ;) That’s Ana’s link up there, go check out her site when you’re done here—she actually IS one of the cool kids!


I hope your Holiday Season was filled with as much fun as ours was!

Happy Holidays Everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! The village is really enchanting and I love the Christmas sweater! It is great to see someone who is not afraid to enjoy the Christmas season and spread a little cheer!

~Jane~ said...

Hi Anon~

Thank you so much! I agree with you--spreading cheer is so much more fun than being a "scrooge"! :)

Merry Christmas!