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Q&A ~ Juliette Springs

~Juliette Springs~

Author name: Juliette Springs

1. How many hours a day do you usually spend writing? Do you write every day?
I am controlled by my day job (I teach English) and unfortunately I haven’t been writing every day. I usually write on the weekends.

2. How many books do you write/work on at a time?
So far I’ve only been able to write one book at a time. One of goals this year is to crack out to stories at a time to double my output…wish me luck with that.

3. Do you snack while you write?
No, if I try I usually stop writing and start snacking, then watching television, then read a book…snacking takes me on a path away from writing.

4. What’s your writing environment like? (Music, silence, etc?)
I usually write while listening to music. Pandora is a life saver. I try to listen to music that captures the emotion of the scene I’m writing. Doing so helps me add emotion to the characters actions and words.

5. What’s your favorite genre/sub-genre to write? To read?
I don’t have a favorite genre to write. I just go with the story the character is telling me. I do love to read paranormal romance! I also love YA. If you but me in the YA/paranormal section of the library or a book store, I’ll stay there all day and read.

6. What are you reading now? Or just finished?
I read a lot of books. So many in fact I can’t remember the last book I read…lol. But I do remember that I read Kresley Cole’s new book.

7. Do you prefer to write series or stand-alone books? Which do you prefer to read?
I like reading series. I prefer writing stand-alone…unless the character(s) keep talking to me. 

8. Do you plot? Or not?
I semi-plot. I jot down scenes and dialogue from the story in my notebook and flesh it out.

9. Finish this sentence: When I’m not writing I’m…

Please tell us about your book:


Title: The Karma Chronicles ~ Vanessa’s Story
Genre: New Adult, Interracial

Devastated after an emotional break-up, Vanessa decides to finish her fall semester and leave Bear Creek University and the town of Bear Creek forever, certain starting over in a new place will soothe her wounded heart.  Her plans are derailed when her ex-lover returns wanting another chance.  Despite the chemistry between them and their sensual history, should she risk her heart again for a man who told her she wasn’t good enough for him or his tribe?

Bowing to tribal pressure, Sean Yonah was forced to hurt his best friend and lover, the one woman he couldn’t get enough of. Now the Spirits say she may be his “other.” Sean knows what he did was deplorable, but if he doesn’t convince Vanessa to forgive him, he’ll lose a lot more than the love of his life.


“She is not one of us.”

Sean’s grandfather’s stern words reverberated in his head.

“The tribe comes first.”

He swallowed the bitter taste of vomit back down. How in the hell was he going to tell his best friend and lover he couldn’t be with her anymore, because she wasn’t Algonquin. She was black. The idea sickened him but he wasn’t surprised. What did surprise him was the fact the Council and his grandfather hadn’t pestered him about his relationship before now. Rubbing his face, Sean he felt weary. He knew the reason why. He’d be twenty-one soon, the age of Taskate, the spirit quest all Algonquin men went on to enter manhood. Afterward he would encounter his other. The tribe demanded the breakup so he’d be emotionally free to do so.

“I have allowed you to do as you will with the black girl.” His grandfather said the words with a look of disgust. “But no longer, you must do your duty.”

An image of Vanessa’s smile interrupted his thoughts. It was beautiful and her goofy laugh always melted the icy coldness inside him.  Shaking his head, Sean cleared her face from his mind. No more. She wasn’t part of his life any longer. Everything he loved about her; her brown skin, her full lips, her luscious behind, were reasons they could no longer be together.  As the chief’s grandson, the Council demanded his other to be one of them, nothing else was acceptable. Vanessa had been fine for the time being and served her purpose. She was nothing more than a distraction, an intermission before the main event of his life took place.

Hopefully she wouldn’t make this difficult. He’d been distancing himself from her gradually during the past few weeks, knowing sooner or later it would come to this. Instead of calling her and talking for hours each night, he started skipping days and called once or twice a week.  Their dates every weekend had tapered down to one Saturday a month. When she asked if anything was wrong, he gave her the same excuse to explain the missed phone calls or the cancelled dates. The tribe needed him. Something had come up. He’d hoped she’d begun to realize how important the tribe was to him. More important than her.

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